Jonas Bernander

Upcoming exhibition:

Galleri Kaktus, Stockholm,

August 21-30


Icons of Displacement

The AI-generated photograph as a medium raises questions about reality versus fiction, documentation versus representation, and truth versus falsehood. The people in the images are no one – and therefore everyone. They embody a universality and also allude to man's ambivalent relationship with technology. 

My Icons of Displacement series is a growing collection of images that collectively outline a larger narrative of exile, alienation, and upheaval – but also community, cooperation, and awe. Something disruptive has occurred, maybe a climate collapse, a natural disaster, or a war. Existence has fundamentally changed – but perhaps new opportunities have also arisen?


About me

I am an artist, writer and dramaturg.

After two decades in the world of theatre and opera, I have expanded my scope in an ambition to create works at the intersection of storytelling, visual arts, and performing arts. My practice delves into the existential and eschatological questions of our time, exploring the possibility of sincerity and beauty on the brink of deluge and chaos. I have a love for the theatrical, romantic, and grandiose – but also the elusive, ambiguous, and enigmatic.

At the end of the day, I prefer to ask questions rather than provide answers.

More information on my work as a playwright and dramaturg can be found on my Swedish site.


Recent exhibitions

Galleri Kaktus, Stockholm (upcoming August 2024)

Gamla Kraftstationen, Deje

Galleri Killgissa, Stockholm

Jakobsbergs konsthall

Galleri 4, Simrishamn

Solna konsthall

Galleri Lyktan, Skogås

Väsby konsthall

Huddinge kulturhus


Theatre and Stage Art

I also work as a playwright, dramaturg, and teacher of scriptwriting.

More information on my Swedish site.

"Crooked Hamlet": AI-generated painting